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He is like the Chuck Norris of all things Apple. Fact: You don't just speak his name, you let GarageBand export his name as a podcast. Fact: If you need to say his full name, you use Apple Logic. Fact: He points out product problems to the Apple engineers. While they are thinking about how to respond, he shows them the solutions. Fact: They real reason they held MacWorld was for two people, Taro and that other guy who made all those presentations on the big stage. The other guy is gone, rest his brilliant soul, but they keep holding MacWorld thinking Taro is going to show up. Fact: When you visit the mountains with him, he shows up on your snowboard. Twice. At the same time. This list of facts goes on and on. If I actually wrote out the whole list onto this web page, the weight of the facts would open up a black hole and the Internet would die. Then he would fix it. Using an app on his iPhone.